Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Gift of a Prayer *199

Father, Creator of all,
We praise You and worship You.

Seek You and honor Your will.

Although we live in this world,
Let us be of Your Kingdom.

Holding Your Word in our hearts
So we may grow in Your love

And bring forth the fruit of Spirit.

~All is Gift ...
... All is Blessing


With Love,


  1. May we remember that angels are with us in our walk each day...

  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Your words wrapped in His love.

    May we be drenched in His love today,
    Sarah Dawn

  3. Amen, amen!

    Catherine :)

  4. Beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. Maria!!!!!!!! I missed you this morning. It felt so funny not having you there but I am so so glad you are with us tonight. Beautiful prayer. Thank you. How were the kiddos? And what grade do you teach. Love, Dianne

  6. Oh Thanks Dianne! No blogging at school
    It's better that blogs are blocked ... I'd be so tempted all day, especially with the new and fast Dells we just got (gratitude #200) ;o)

    I teach middle school ... woooohooo! Sixth and seventh grades ... reading, remedial reading (AIS-> academic intervention) and foreign language... (took French & Spanish as undergrad and Reading as my MS)...

    I looked for Ann's post early this morning, but she must be a few time zones over :)
    ... I'm trying to think of something fun to do for those of us who can't post until later... Deidra had a nice idea today ... opening her comments...for all to pray there.

    God bless, thanks for thinking of me... how kind :) ~Maria

  7. Yes. Yes. Yes. To be in the world, but not OF it.

    Lovely prayer. Thanks for letting me join you in this prayer. And I did join you.

    Blessings, sister.

  8. Maria...
    These words draw me back three times... just to whisper with you in prayer....

    May I thank you?
    You so bless....

    All's grace,

  9. A wonderful post ....your images and prayer are a welcome reminder of Gods love for us all.