Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *209 - 220

209. Beautiful clean water flowing from an indoor faucet ... a gratitude that 'welled up'
after catching myself complaining about the wacky timed-faucets in the bathrooms at school.

21o. Gorgeous autumn weather

211. Baskets of apples from our backyard trees ~manna from Heaven I say!

212. First full week of school - all systems GO!

213. Parent night (Thursday) went well. I had the opportunity to meet the parents of students I've known since last September.

These parents are raising 'salt for the earth.' I love these kids!

215. The beautiful drive we had yesterday to travel.

216. The fiery splashes of autumn in the hills of upstate, NY.

217. Always looking for wildlife (especially deer) on rt. 23 ... Chris spotted an eagle perched in a tall defoliated tree... We quickly turned around to take a photo. Chris snapped this shot just in time!
Gratitude overflows and the song performed by Josh Groban, raises up in our hearts.


218. The incredible food we are always served at Nina's Restaurant.

219. Fresh clean air for deep breathing.

220. Always, my teddy bear husband ~ close and comfy.

~ ~ ~

~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing


  1. A great list.

    Happy Monday (:

  2. Oh, Maria, I loved your list--the apples, the eagle picture is incredible and the words to the song lifted me up, the water in the bathroom (that was funny)--Thank you, beautiful Maria, for all your encouraging words on my blog. You always say just what I need to hear. I bet your students love you dearly. The hubby one was cute also. Love, D.

  3. Those teddy bears are adorable. Your gratitude bubbles over and blesses me as I read through the list. I remember rides to look at the beautiful colors when we lived in Upstate NY - miraculous!

  4. beautiful! we are so blessed by a loving God, arent we? :)

  5. Lovely list, Maria! Thanks for your comment on my list! Rejoicing with you today.