Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *200 - 208

Harvest time!

200. Look at these cutie patooties! I love garden fresh potatoes! soooo sweet!
Actually, these avoided the infamous blythe that swept through local gardens this year!
201. Although some of our tomato plants had Blythe, we were so grateful that the plants on the other side of the garden area were free and clean!
202. This is my 85 year old father... determined to pick this year's blueberries from our local orchard last month. His fortitude is such a gift and a blessing.

203. So grateful for the cool mornings the week before school started so that I could decorate my classroom... This is part of a large back wall. I filled it with poster board people from around the world.
204. My daughter's cozy classroom area. Her pup, Chino, visits school after hours.
So grateful she enjoys her work.
205. Our new and very fast computers at school! I want to bring the same speed and creative software home! Thank you to the district and to the generous families who live there.

206. That my presentation went well and for all my students this year.
207. This sweet bouquet of pink mums at the garden shop...
It made me smile just to see them.
208. The yummy tea that my sister gave me to tuck away in my desk drawer...
...for when I need a little break in the middle of my school day.

For the blessings all around me ~ seen and unseen ~
and Thanking Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience for helping me keep my garden of gratitudes growing by joining in every Monday here with the Gratitude Community.

~All is Gift ...
... All is Blessing


  1. Maria, I have to tell you this. It was such a little thing to pray for but it was important to me. I put a lot of time and effort into my blog and I had been standing at 3 followers for ever so long--it was a little discouraging--I prayed that day that God would give me a 4th follower. You joined up that day. Isn't God good that he cares so much about the little things in our lives?? Thank you for being sensitive to His Spirit.

    I'm jealous of your new computer--well, not really, I am happy for you.

    And your sweet little daddy picking the berries. I love that picture.

    Have a great week at school. I love the Dr. Seuss "Oh, the places you'll go" theme. We read that to our 8th graders at their graduation one year. Love, Dianne

  2. That computer is awesome! I enjoyed your list!

  3. Your posts are so perfect. I am inspired by how much you care about your job and students. That is a good good thing Maria.

  4. Dianne.... I haven't started following anyone, this blog tech stuff will slowly wash over me. I just finally got a sitemeter. It still freaks me out.
    But I want you to know that I have your site bookmarked and read it without fail. It is a beautiful reflection of a beautiful person..

    you too Maria, thx for letting me use this space :)

  5. You must be the most wonderful of teachers Maria. Your list is wonderful. I think I've mentioned a time or two how very glad I am we met.

  6. Maria, seeing that classroom complete with family photos on the desk and tea in a cup brought back so many memories of my days teaching in my own classroom! Now I have my own little homegrown class of 7! For some reason, my classroom of 25 was so much easier to keep clean than my class of 7! :O) Have a great, blessed, and productive new school year!