Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *135 - 141*

135. Clearer and clearer skies over my sister with every day that passes.
136. My niece...Miss M ... so grown up, polite and thoughtful.
137. Beautiful blue skies and cooler breezes blowing today after the huge storm last night.
138. Learning about the preciousness of life through family and nature.
139. For the grace and beauty of this plant called "Angels Tears."
It reminds me to pray for the unborn.

140. Google Earth is so amazing... we took a virtual drive down
"Going to the Sun Road." It's soooo special!
141. This cute heart cloud... I was looking for clouds with "curls" for a special :SkyWatch Friday: and saw this little gift :)

~Thank you Heavenly Father for the blessings all around me~
~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walking with His Letters of Love and Grace

Wednesday's Gift of Scripture

Romans 5

1Therefore, since we have been justified through faith,
we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,
through whom we have gained access by faith
into this grace in which we now stand.
And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

3Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings,
because we know that suffering produces perseverance;
4perseverance, character; and character, hope.
5And hope does not disappoint us,
because God has poured out his love into our hearts
by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.

God teaches us through nature...

I see so much in nature that is teaching me...
I want to be like Mary, at my Lord's feet following Him into his stories...

...telling the Martha in me to set my priorities ...
...and choose 'the better part.'

I often think of the day this robin (that nested in one of our trees) endured 3 thunder storms
as she protected her precious eggs.
You can see the nest in the bottom right corner.

...Life is stronger than Death...
another lesson, another love letter from God.
Humbly Grateful
~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing

I always knew, that God blesses us... but how aware of the steady flow of these blessings was I? As I count them ~ my awareness rises and they 'count' more than I ever could guess.
Thank you, Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience, for raising the sails!
My ship has left the harbor!
Ps. Ann, ever since your post on "Power Source," (one of the first of yours we read as newcomers to blogland) Chris and I have kept your farm in our prayers...Keeping you in prayer now with the aphids.

Monday, July 27, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *126 - 133*

At Sunday Service our pastor continued his series
"Inside Out" part 9 - Deciding What is Most Important"
This scripture (Matt 6:21) was discussed:
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

...When thinking of my dearest treasures...

126. My walk in God's presence...
127. Jesus leading me on.

128. Many others are walking along side of ~ friends ~ this body of Christ.

129. My husband, Chris, so close, we are one as we walk.

130. Children, now adults, they are friends and fellow travelers.

131. My sister ~ closer every step of this walk together. I am so grateful she is in my life.

132. My father, almost 85, at his kitchen window with day's first prayer, and on his knees at bedside before sleep. He walked with me for my first steps ~ and continues along side me in this journey.

133. Brothers and families ... walking together.

We, with God in us, are treasure to one another.
trésor ~ tesoro ~ treasure

~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing

A prayer today for sister

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *119-125

119. The sweetest, most tender lettuce is that freshly harvested. Grateful for the green thumb and generosity of our neighbor, Joe.

120. Every time I can afford to choose organic, I do! Grateful for the farmers who, themselves, show gratitude to the environment.

121. This is what my daughter's dog, Mr. Chino Sanchez did to a cute bunny barista gifted to me last spring...
A silly gratitude that I could find new eyes and restore him.

122. Oh my ... Thank you ... thank you... thank you...
Amanda comes home today from her week away and collects her dogs!!! It's the last day of doggie sitting ...
My daughter's two are in the middle: the prideful papillon, Mr. Darcy and 'Mr. Charm' from a dog rescue - Chino Sanchez.

123. So grateful for the delicious steal-cut oats and fresh peach breakfast. I should be full all morning!

124. The sweet clover leaves and blossoms with hasta flowers. They made a quick little bouquet that sweetens my kitchen~

125. Amazing cherries... soft & sweet.

~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday's Gift: Walking with Him to the Well "How I Eat This Book"

"Give us this day Our Daily Bread"Sometimes when we reach for something to eat, what our body really needs is water.
---I'll pick up snack---
...a mini-devotional here, a psalm or proverb there, turn the calendar page to a new inspirational...

When my children were younger,
my most cherished devotional time came early in the morning .
Somehow, with little sleep, but body younger, I rose early to pray, read...ponder...
watch sunrises with God.
My eyes tear as I write this, I miss those days deeply.
* * *
I teach middle school.
Children stretching and growing in every way possible.
About seven years ago, I went from a part time to a full time teaching day.
...leaving the house at 7:00 am ... not back until 4 or 5:00... leaves little personal time.

Over time, I have decided to use my planning period (luckily first in the day) to prepare my lessons ~ heart and soul first ~ then subject area.
A table pulled close to my desk...Set with cozy comforts of home...

Coffee cup, a simple wooden angel, photos of loved ones... perpetual calendar with scripture... a copy of "Our Daily Bread" a pocket size New Testament.
(I bring these home for the summer :o)
I take what I can from this gift of scheduled time.
I wish for no interruptions, but sometimes they come...

I need this heart & soul-prep time at school.
It is a sip from the well. A little snack.

I thirst for more...Hunger for more.
...a long drink from the well for this parched soul...
who misses awakening with Him at dawn.

Perhaps He is now calling me at sunset.

~To Dine with An Old Friend~
~Filled with coffee stains, notes and prayers to read~
~Special cards & very old letters of the special people in my life~
some passed on
a sister ~ close then / best friend now~Old songs from a church that closed, but I still "sing" them~
Gift from God ... gifted to me by my husband over 30 yrs. ago.
~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing
Ann Voskamp ~ What a Blessing!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *112-118

112. So grateful for this wonderful diner... Isn't coffee so nice when someone brings it to you with a smile.

113. Gorgeous waterscape at a physical therapy center that my neighbor's 95 year old mom can enjoy while she recovers from hip surgery. ~ We love you, Yolanda, and wish you quick healing ~
114. Hysterical moments at the park with my daughter's dog, Mr. Darcy. He forfeited his otherwise dignified appearance for a photo in the freestanding photo-panel.

115. Amanda's safe trip to the west coast... praying for safety there and her return.

116. Clean, fresh summer breezes to dry my laundry.
117. For the warm hearts that I meet here in blogland ;o)

118. This tired ol' dog, Muffin... I'm sure she's grateful for her cozy bed...

~All is Gift ...
... All is Blessing