Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *171 - 180*

171. The best feeling ever is when children, now adults LOVE their time together.
172. Mr. Darcy and Chino Sanchez . . . our very own comedy show!
173. Finally some quiet moments. What a power house (look at those muscles)!
174. Linda's rhubarb cake recipe... keeps on making smiles... even for daughter, Amanda who doesn't like rhubarb---she loved it!
175. Fabulous wake-up treat from Chris... Topped with Amanda's homemade crabapple jelly!

176. Some of the best photography happening out there is by Sky Watchers.
177. Sweet view I pass every evening on our neighborhood walk.
178. Grateful for the little, little birds that chitter chatter ... they sing rain or shine reminding me to be joyful always.
179. This sweet garden statue that puts a smile on my face each time I walk past.
180. The gladiolas that grew this year!
For these and all your precious gifts, I am humbly grateful.

Counting my blessings has opened my eyes to a new awareness of God's presence in the everyday...every day~
Celebrate gratefully at Holy Experience .

~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing


  1. awww I love this gratitude! I especially like the picture of Chino sleeping and the one of Jay and me laughing is great. I also really like that skywatch picture!!! fantastic.

  2. Thank you Amanda! Wasn't it a great evening!?!

    The sky watch picture was taken by Jo Hedges from her home at Camp Base Vie, in Guinea, West Africa!

    Mr. Darcy and Chino are quite a duo! You should write a book about them!

  3. I love the picture of your adult children enjoying one another. I agree: that is one of the deepest joys of my life. Thanks for reminding me. Abundant blessings, Dianne

  4. Thanks for the comment over at my page, it is a joy to start the week with gratitude and to read what others are grateful for as well.
    God Bless,

  5. Maria
    You brought a huge smile to me this morning! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

  6. Such pure joy to see the laughter on their faces, isn’t it? Nothing melts my heart more than to see my two laughing, giggling uncontrollably together! I love the pictures you’ve posted. They’re beautiful. God’s grand creation, what a delight!

  7. My children do not like each other very much. At least they fight a lot with each other and rarely play together. I pray that they will grow up to be friends as your kids are.

  8. What a beautiful list! I especially loved the first one about your kids loving to be together. I pray the same for mine when they grow up!
    Cory =)

  9. What a joy it must be to see the relationship that has flourished and blossomed between your children... truly a precious gift! And as a dog lover myself, I "ditto" your comments there-- furry little people are certainly wonderful gifts, too!

    Have a blessed day~

  10. awww love this list.
    your children are beautiful. mine are so young and yet i am already feeling the joy of seeing their love for each other. i'm sure that will only intensify as they grow older.

    shalom to you sweet friend! your blog is such a bright spot. xo

  11. My grandfather used to grow rhubarb. Here on the Gulf Coast we don't have it. I have to say I'm a little jealous of that cake. It looks delicious!