Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *181 - 189*

The Greatest Little Treasures
190. For 20 year old "Love a Lot" Care Bear that can still make a little girl feel snugly at bedtime.
191. God Bless Uncle Chris... who will let his niece style his hair ... in the most awesome styles!
192. For the best afternoon ever ... making "Velvet" the bear at the Build a Bear factory.
193. For the love of a beautiful couple ... engaged to be married next year.
~God bless you, Rachael & Juan~
194. For this delicious salad... all was provided by our generous neighbor who loves to garden.
195. The next generation of Ralph the bunny.
196. For the first of the apples ... those that fell on the ground ... from our orchard of five trees ~
I love those trees. Thank you God! *You can see they're not sprayed :)
197. Our first apple crisp of the season...from the apples that fell from our trees.
198. For the lingering lesson learned by visiting the Build a Bear Factory.
199. A simple gratitude for the bluebird dishes that made every Saturday morning this season a sweet way to start the day!
Giving thanks together here at Holy Experience.

~All is Gift ...
... All is Blessing


  1. Oh...thank you for your lovely comments..and so so nice to meet you. I adore your bluebird dishes...I only bought one but use it all the time..or it sits in my kitchen well displayed. Your blog is lovely... I adore this idea...everyday has so many special little gifts...many blesssing to you today as you find all the little wonders in your life today!

  2. Your apple crisp looks absolutely delicious! We love a great apple pie, but I don't know that we've ever used fresh, fallen from the tree apples before! Your bluebird dishes would be the perfect serving tray for the apple crisp.

  3. Lovely list, thank you for sharing. The apple crisp looks delicious!

  4. I grew up with apple trees in my back yard. I remember that we had to get them off the ground before it was too late. Lots of pies and applesauce and apples fried on chilly fall and winter mornings! Yum!

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhh i so so so want to bring my little daughter to the buid a bear store too. love your little bear. velvet, such a cute name.

    and the apples. my dream is to own a apple tree or 2. :)

    you are blessed.
    love your list.

    ps i want to buy crocs where YOU buy them. mine cost $40!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) but my feet feel better so it was well worth the spend. still....$9 is such a good deal! :)

  6. Boy, that Uncle Chris is a real sport. I bet he just loved that hairdo. My guess is his mid-life character development is well underway, and wouldn't take much to get him to wear that to his high stessed computer job. ;>)
    ~Chris (alis~ the uncle)

  7. Beautiful, Maria!

    Umm, that salad looks so yummy...any I have one little boy who would love all those bears (though he would deny it around his boy friends).

    No girls for me...not this generation anyway! I'll have to wait for granddaughters. That's one reason I love to visit places where uncles allow their hair to be "done". What a sweetie.



  8. That picture of Uncle Chris! Oh, I just laughed out loud. :)

    Thank you for such wonderful lists of blessings...