Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *148- 155*

~A Gratitude of Great Magnitude~
This Sunday morning my father (almost 85) and I had a rather personal and quite sensitive discussion of the current state of the church in America ...
A few minutes later, he came walking toward me
pointing to one of the pages of his devotional book ...
He said to me,
"Maria, these are the three most important words in a person's life."

. . . Jesus, Thank You . . .
He is a man of such Grace and wisdom... I am so grateful for him.
Jesus, Thank You
... for my father...

148. Wonderful day and evening
with my husband and my father.
149. Visit from son, Jason... always love to see him... and makes his dad and g'pa smile!
Jason loves math and science... and so... this awesome shirt that makes me laugh.
God's math is perfect!
151. Swiss chard from the garden...
with Parmesan Reggiano cheese on top!

152. George Foreman who made a great grill that makes great panini sandwiches! ...Jason loved learning that his grill can do that too!

153. We enjoyed the perfect summer weather all day...
154. Beautiful sunset tonight... with sherbet clouds everywhere.155. Al & Cathy who made a breakfast corn bread and dropped it off here for us to enjoy
tomorrow... their visit was the 'frosting on the cake.'
~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing


  1. Your thoughts are beautiful to me and I am encouraged. Thanks such a lot, Lori xxx

  2. great post... only God said, let there be light, and tongue tied mankind, remains speachless.

  3. great many wonderful things to be thankful for.

  4. love that shirt!!! haha. :) and your dad....i also have a sweet dad whose words of wisdom bless me many a time. loved your list!

  5. I always enjoy your list, you have a beautiful soul,
    and that shirt ~ priceless!

  6. Those wise fathers are always a blessing...

  7. Your Father is so cute and wise. :o)