Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *156- 161*

Gift 156. The secluded islands in the Adirondack Mountains that have been preserved for those who love nature...
The island where husband and son camped.
157. The soul-rest my husband had ... truly needed.158. The glorious view from their campsite
159. Grateful for their dry weather and good equipment.
160. Son's needed soul-rest and time with his father and nature.
161. For Barry's successful leg surgery.
He and son, Ryan were missed by my boys.
Prayers for his return to wellness.
~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing


  1. It al looks very peaceful and tranquil. Sounds like just what they needed.

  2. wow. those photos look like a little piece of heaven on earth. xo shalom to you sweet sister!