Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Thousand Gifts ~ Gift of Love for All

~ For All Time ~

This song from yesterday's worship music stayed with me throughout the day; I humbly bow in gratitude for the example of love and sacrifice...

Thank you, Jesus, for what you did...
All for Love by Lenny LeBlanc
Oh You gave it all for Love
You gave it all for Love

Traded the stars above ... You gave it all for love

...All for Love ... You gave it all for Love...
With every drop of Blood ... You gave it all for Love

What would make You turn away from glory
Laying down Your life to save the world...

... Giving up Your Throne...Giving up Your Throne ...

... For a crown of thorns ...

King of all, You became a Servant
Leaving everything to rescue me

. . . Never looking back . . .

Never looking back ... You embraced the cross

You gave it all for love...You gave it all for love
Traded the stars above...You gave it all for love
You gave it all for love...With every drop of blood

You gave it all for love...With every drop of blood
. . . You gave it all for Love . . .

Thank you, Jesus,
for All you did for the love of humanity.
Open our eyes ~ bring us to a conscious awareness of the sacrifice you made. You released to the Father . . . what would be a dream of life, health, worldly success, fame and power.
I am deeply and most humbly grateful for your complete and perfect surrender of all...

...You released the world to the Father ...
...and released the divine to the world...

* * *
My heart opens to new moments of gratefulness as I continue . . .

143. For Muffin's health... our ol' girl's hanging in there!
Mostly blind (about 95% ... completely deaf --- I talk deeply next to her ears so she feels my voice) Her sense of smell and enjoyment of eating keeps her smiling!
144. Sue's oatmeal cookie recipe...morphed into even 'healthier' cookies
145. Mixers that make arms flabbier but happier ~
146. My little birdies...always bringing joy into hearts
147. Sweetest ... bread dough ... comfort food ... comfort aromas
Counting my blessings has opened my eyes to a new awareness of God's presence in the everyday...every day~
I count Ann Voskamp as one of my blessings...
Visit her at Holy Experience .

~All is Gift ...... All is Blessing


  1. Maria, thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment left me chewing over those phrases "in Jesus' Name" and "God's will be done." I think the ambiguity those two phrases sometimes carry for me disappears when I remember that a relationship with Jesus is just that: a relationship, my learning His heart as He transforms my mind to be like His. Praise God! He will finish the work He's begun in me! And in you.

    Oh, how He blesses us.

  2. amen. :) soooo beautiful.
    thanks for sharing that song. xo

  3. I love to watch the birds. We can learn so much from them.

  4. lovely...lovely...

    I have been having trouble leaving comments, only to have them eaten by the comment monster...


  5. What a touching song...thank you for sharing with us and thank you for visiting. Many more blessings to you!


  6. What a beautiful blog and beautiful family! I'm already thankful for the new friends I've met today through just being thankful! =) It's awesome to meet the Body of Christ in this way! Look forward to many more weeks of being thankful together. =)

  7. All for Love-He gave it all.. and I am so unworthy, but thank you for reminding me of HIS love! His blood that washes me white as snow!

    Ok share the cookie recipe it looks YUMMY!
    I am a home-made bread maker as well. I LOVE my kitchen aide!!

  8. I love this song Maria. We sang it during our Easter program.
    Your list is lovely. What a sweet puppy dog.

  9. Visiting your blog daily is a blessing in itself.

  10. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I love meeting my sisters who are on the journey with me!

    Your blog is beautiful, your family and your words are beautiful and encouraging!

  11. What a wonderful list of blessings!
    Your Muffin is very sweet, I miss having a dog. Are those dried cherries in the cookies? They look delicious!
    Catherine :)

  12. I can almost smell that bread dough! A lovely list of blessings here ...

  13. I love old critters and the sensitivities they develop toward other creatures. RolyTheDog went deaf a few years before she died, and became curiously helpful to a blind dog--would help it find the pet door in the barn, avoid walking into fences, etc. Funny with human people how some with infirmities just become bitter, while others become more sensitive to others' needs...