Wednesday, June 10, 2009

*Gifts 10 & 11* My Boys on Sundays

I love these two men.
My husband, Chris, is such a good man.
Before Chris and I were even engaged, my mother once wrote me
that he is a "one in a million" man.
She knew, as only mothers do.
Chris wears a smile after Sunday service.
He truly appreciates pastor Rex, from Grace Fellowship. do we all...
Jason, 21,
has grown to love God and to listen for His voice...
...and is man enough to be holding a pink strawberry smoothie with cream...
Jason has the best hugs, (he gets that from his dad) a sense of humor that's tops and such wit!

I humbly thank you, God of all, for these two men.
gifts ~ treasures.

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  1. Maria, this is Tammy from Eyes Wide Open! Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I have enjoyed your blog so far. I love what you said about the women in your life being your bestfriends. I have 2 daughters, one who is 2.5 and one only 7 mo. My prayer is that I would not only be their mother and all that go with that but also their best friend. They are so precious to me. Nice to meet you too. At the moment there's not a link to my other blog but there will be soon if you are interested. Blessings as you count the ways God has richly blessed you.