Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Thousand Gifts #14 - 24 Showers of Joy with a 100% Chance of Rain

So many joys today.
14. A surprise visit from our lil' niece.
15. No crying when 'Mommy & Daddy left.
16. Trusting hugs and smiles... all day!
17. Cheers with our glasses of milk.
18. A walk under the clouds with 100% chance of rain and making it back with only the tiniest of sprinkles!
19. Lil' niece asleep in the stroller, Auntie gets to read on the front porch!
20. Auntie Maria can't resist and lifts lil' one out of stroller to sleep in her arms, on the front porch, still able to read... enjoying every tender moment.
21. Time later with Brother & Sister in-law.
Incredible dinner of organic turkey burgers . Thanks to the people who raise, what I call, 'happy turkeys & chickens.'
22. No need to water our garden... 100% chance of Rain... a long soaking rain!
23. Brother-in-law returns safely home after 3rd most difficult hike in the U.S. ---21 miles in one day ~ includes Mt. Marcy (highest peak in NYS).

In Humble Gratitude for surprises that come wrapped in little white and blue sundresses.
...which makes me think of ...

# 24. For the time with little nieces that help me practice Presence...smelling flowers, coloring pages, splashing toes, walking barefoot in the peonies petals and clover.


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