Monday, June 22, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *56-60

Gifts #56 - 60 ~ The Love that Transcends All Time and Space ~ That Envelops Us With a Deep Sense of Comfort and Peace
56. For Amanda ~ the oldest of three.
She was the first teacher of these new parents.
She helped us teach her younger brother and sister.
Tonight, she became a tenured teacher at the middle school where she has worked for three years. I know she has been a role model and a wonderful teacher for her students as I'm sure her students have taught her a few things as well ;)

57. For my sister, who keeps me driving on the right side of the road :D
What would I do without her...on a daily basis!?!

A friend indeed.

58. The quiet hour I spent yesterday browsing through such amazing family memories as I made Chris's Father's Day Card.

59. For these three bundles of joy, energy, worry, laundry, braids, ponytails, tonka trucks, dolls, stuffed animals to insulate a whole house... homework, open houses, phone calls, driver's licenses, part-time jobs, graduations, college applications, full-time jobs, luggage and airplanes, dogs, apartments, and laundry again ;)

60. For my husband, and his garden of hope. Tonight, the two of us enjoy the sweetest garden delights with our dinner. The Swiss chard was amazing dear! Pictures will follow :)


  1. hehe beautiful posts, mom! That's the duty of the oldest child to be a third parent to the younger sibs and enjoy every minute of that! =)
    I love you.

    P.S. Thanks for doing my laundry nearly 26 years after your first load of mine! =D I appreciated the fresh sheets you brought to my apartment and yours and dad's visit this weekend =) xoxo