Friday, July 17, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *107-111

107. Lord, you know our needs before asking. Yesterday, Rachael couldn't start her car... She sent me a picture text with a message that said: "Mom, my car won't start- what's the blue stuff on my engine?"
Thank you for Rachael's car emergency kit that was a work prize she won Wednesday and needed the NEXT day to start her battery!
How You know know us and our needs and take care of us even when the muffler-oil change place doesn't! *They should have cleaned "the blue stuff* - dried battery acid!!!

108. The sweet fragrance of God's loving kindness that follows me through the day.

109. Humbly accepting the bountiful gifts that surround me ~ home for family, garden food and flowers, backyard creatures that delight. (and sometimes help themselves to a few goodies).

110. My perpetual calendar that nearly always has a wonderful message so appropriate for today.

111. When the news reports cause anxieties
to surround me and my loved ones,

I can remember that YOU ...
Heavenly Father...
...then You,
have the final WORD ~

~All is Gift ...
... All is Blessing

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