Monday, July 13, 2009

One Thousand Gifts *97-100

Gifts 97 ~ 100
97. To wake to a crystal blue morning like this one... fresh, clean air ~ birds singing.

*A mini-gratitude for cellphone cameras that are so handy! 97 & 100 taken with my cell!
Thank you Lord for the safe travels this weekend.
...early prayers for the travelers this arriving on Friday.

99. For thoughtful Daughter who baked at her apt. last night to help with the arrival of family visitors.

100. I am so grateful to have these next few days with Chris home from work. We love spending lazy time together watching the clouds go by ... some of our projects will have to wait...

I have written of 100 blessings... I have counted many more.
A journey through life with a heart of gratitude is what I desire... it is how I wish to live.
My journal is now off of my night stand and is "allowed" around the rest of the house and even out of the house...

I am inspired to lighten my steps, soften my heart and give my spirit wings as I continue to record my blessings one ~ by ~ one.
. . . to a thousand and then . . . thousands more . . .
~Heartfelt thanks to Ann Voskamp for being my inspiration to begin counting~

~All is Gift ...
... All is Blessing

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